About us

As amateur musician, I started to post covers on Youtube in 2013.

I was satisfied to read comments, to obtain "likes" and to see the subscribers number increasing.
However, I noticed more and more musicians on Youtube saying "Great cover! I would like to play this song with you!".
I am convinced that the next step in music bands universe will be playing music at distance, without geographic or equipment constraints.

However, even with ultra speed connections, playing in synchronism will never be possible with conference tools, through the Internet (I guess).
So I imagined another way to play music at distance.

At least, I decided to group all persons like me, who want to find music partners, based on titles played, instruments, and music tastes.
At least, I tried to guide them to play asynchronously, track by track, and to share the result in a unique website.

So, I started this site in January 2014 with Drupal 7, and I am still working on it (slowly, as I am currently discovering this tool).

For any suggestion, feel free to use the specific topic on the forum; please be patient, as I guess many message will come to me.

If you appreciate the concept of CoverWithMe, please share it with your contacts on social networks, or with your friends and music partners.
The more member there will be, the more reasons I will have to maintain and enhance CoverWithMe.

Thank you in advance!