Merry Christmas!

CoverWithMe team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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CoverWithMe Android App is available!

The CoverWithMe Android application is now available on Google Play store!
Install it freely, and bring CoverWithMe everywhere within your tablet or your smartphone! (English and French languages available)

Please leave rate and comments!
Feel free to give us your feedback/suggestions, we will try to take them into account for the new versions. Thank you!

Happy World Music Day 2016!


For this event, we invite you to share more covers, to join music bands with artists from all around the world, and to create unique collaborative covers!
To your instruments and to your voice now! The world needs your talents!

34 countries joined!

34 countries are represented in CoverWithMe!
Thank you for joining!

Happy New Year 2016!

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31 countries represented!

31 countries are represented in CoverWithMe!
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Happy World Music Day 2015!


CoverWithMe was on the Road66 and in Bagdad Café!

Thank you, member Akhnot for these cool photos! Cheers! Smile


Musicians and singers are required!

3 bands in CoverWithMe need YOU!

Join this band and play "Break Free" - Ariana Grande
Join this band and play "Toi + Moi" - Grégoire
Join this band and sing "Love is All" - Roger Glover

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100 likes reached on Facebook

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We are Charlie

We are Charlie

Happy new year 2015!

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CoverWithMe Challenge - step 3 - Collaborate!

challenge description

All challenge information is available in this topic

CoverWithMe Challenge - step 2 - Vote now!

challenge description

Songs proposed for the international and collaborative cover - current votes:

  • 0 - Julian Perretta - "Wonder Why"
  • 1 - U2 - "Ordinary Love"
  • 3 - Roger Glover - "Love is all" (Ronnie James Dio version)
  • 2 - Emilie Gassin - "A little bit of love"
  • 1 - Irma - "I know"
  • 0 - Des'ree - "You gotta be"

Vote now on this forum topic!

Happy World Music Day 2014!


CoverWithMe Challenge step 1 - Song proposition

challenge description

Current song propositions:

  • Julian Perretta - "Wonder WhyHappy"
  • U2 - "Ordinary Love"
  • Roger Glover - "Love is all" (Ronnie James Dio version)
  • Emilie Gassin - "A little bit of love"
  • Irma - "I know"
  • Des'ree - "You gotta be"

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Have you seen this car?


1st collaborative cover shared

The first collaborative cover realized thanks to CoverWithMe has been shared! --> watch it.
Contact the musicians: they request singers now.

Video presentation released

At last!
Video presentation of CoverWithMe is released now!
We hope you will enjoy it!

Welcome to the new members!

Welcome to the new members from Singapore and Italy!

Survey - How did your hear about CoverWithMe?

A new forum is now available here.
Please tell us how you heared about this website, compare your experiences with international members.

Welcome to the new members!

Welcome to the new members from Spain and Russia!

Welcome to the new members!

Welcome to the new members from Israel and Mexico!

Welcome to our new members!

Welcome to our new members from India, Argentina, Pilipinas, Belgium and France!
Thanks for representing your countries in CoverWithMe!
Please share your covers, and let us know music from your countries.

CoverWithMe is now a multilingual website

CoverWithMe is now proposed in French.

Geolocation integrated

Geolocate other musicians and singers!

Use google maps to locate other members all over the world, filter them by instrument or by music style.
You can use this functionnality if you plan to create a physical music band.
(All members can choose in their profile if they want to appear - or not- in the map).

Use the world map now!

Notifications sent by email

Emails are sent to members when they are accepted in music bands;
emails are sent to band leaders when members request membership.

Country flags displayed

Now the country flags appear in member profiles and in bands.
Here is a sample band to illustrate that.
Join the first international music band!

New feature in CoverWithMe - Newsletters

CoverWithMe proposes you to subscribe to the newsletters.
Be informed of new features or musical information regularly.

In order to subscribe, log in CoverWithMe, go to your account (click on your login at the top of the website), click on tab "Edit" then in category "Newsletters", and check the newsletter category you want to receive.

The complete newsletter history is accessible through the sitemap.

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CoverWithMe is now present in community websites:

CoverWithMe available for beta-testers

Thank you for joining CoverWithMe.

You will be one of the first users of this new website.
Here you will be able to share your own covers, and to search other covers with a dedicated search engine.

You may just want to share your covers and to be rated, and to join the first international cover database.

But you will also be able to contact other members (through the forum or private messages), and to create virtual bands with them.
The goal is to create virtual bands, to play music together, and, then, to share your common music video.

Will you appear in the first music video created on CoverWithMe?

Let's start now!

Feel free to give your feedback in the dedicated forum. Thank you!

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