When Legends Rise - Godsmack drum cover


I know, isn't perfect, but it's good to try something like that to overcome our limits, and that's exactly what this song is talking about, we're not always the best at something in our lives, we often say "i'm not good enough to do that", but what really matters is to overcome our biggest rival, ourselves, no matter what segment of life, always do your best, not to please others, or to want to be "the best" for pure ego, but to overcome within yourself, go beyond your limits, go to fields of abilities unknown to you, and finally, look back and say, "man, i made it!!" ... When we talk in overcoming the limits, many people associate this theme with sports, and in fact the sport is fascinating and teaches us a lot, i've seen many miracles happen in sports, so i chose to use these images in the video, but this theme fits well for everything we do in our life, at work, at school, the sport, in music, doesn't matter, what really matters is trying to overcome and prove to ourselves that our limit is always a step above us, and only we can climb that step, if you can give your 100%, so give 101%. I hope you enjoy this magnificent song, with an inspiring and remarkable lyrics, Godsmack is one of the bands that i love and listen to, and i also hope you like this cover, like i said, isn't perfect, but i've managed to overcome my biggest opponents, the time that i have to play, and myself, and in the words of Chris Adler, "drumming is not about worrying about what you can't do, it's about having fun with what you can do" ... Only you know your limits, and only you can surpass, so always want to be better than you were yesterday, there will always be people and circumstances that will try to put you down and try to make you give up, but if drums or the instrument you play makes you feel good, go on and find the strength within you, and want to be better, but for you, not for others ... Please let me know what you think about this cover, simple, but made with heart.

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Hard rock, metal
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